Dune - Land Scrapes

Land Scrapes

Released on Pop Katari Records - 8th of December 2023

about Dune

Recording sounds during his travels, Dune compose electronic music like assembling a puzzle.
It is like Four Tet and Massive Attack in a pocket recorder.

Incapable of playing an instrument, the Belgian born producer records bits and pieces of noise to create music.

His musical collages are between sampling and field recording, with a huge dose of clubbing culture.

In his releases lies the question : what is music?
For Dune, it is noise all around us.

Land Scrapes

After two releases on Fixed:composite and Stellie Records earlier in 2023, Dune presents his first full-length album.

Land Scrapes is an intimist approach of sounds and ideas gathered during his travels, from Belgium to Canada and India.
Each track is deeply rooted to a place, inspired by the resonance of that specific space where the components of the track were recorded.
Composed with bits and pieces of sound from each place, the album is named Land Scrapes.

All tracks were recorded and composed in Canada between June 2022 and July 2023.
Except Ooo Ooo (Wind) and Honeysuckle (Find a Way) recorded and composed in Chauveheid, Belgium in 2020.
And Komagata Maru recorded in Jaisalmer, India in 2017 and composed in Chauveheid, Belgium in 2020.

The album Land Scrapes will be officially released the 8th of December 2023 on Pop Katari Records through Bandcamp.
It will be available on Friday 15th of December on all streaming platform (incl. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer).
The complete tracklist is listed bellow.

Dune artist pic

A word from the artist

"Recording noise and sound, immersing myself in my surroundings, capturing the cities, the forest, the sea…

Living and travelling for a year in Canada has giving me the opportunity to get inspired by its beautiful landscapes. Mostly, I was brought up by this peculiar Canadian creativity where anything seems possible which has induced the creation of this release.

Dedicated to Hadelin Hainaut, my grand father, who never fully understood what I was doing but, in any circumstance, has supported it.”


1. O Xua – Recorded in Montcalm, QC, Canada – 2023
2. Two-Spirit (Safeway Undeground Mix) – Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada – 2023
3. A Hunt (Inspiration) – Recorded in Montcalm, QC, Canada – 2023
4. Silent Rules (Beat Rock Mix) – Recorded in The Rockies, AB, Canada – 2023
5. Ooo Ooo (Wind) – Recorded in Chauveheid, Belgium – 2020
6. Street Craft (Turonno) – Recorded in Toronto, ON, Canada – 2022
7. Jazz Earth – Recorded in Toronto, ON, Canada – 2023
8. Komagata Maru – Recorded in the desert of Jaisalmer, India
9. Thumb Mak (Emerald Lake) – Recorded at Emerald Lake, AB, Canada
10. Honeysuckle (Find a Way) – Recorded in Chauveheid, Belgium – 2020
11. Aslatacunas – Recorded at Pachena Bay, BC, Canada – 2023
12. New Cul-de-Sac – Recorded in Victoria, BC, Canada – 2023

All tracks are recorded, composed and assembled by Dune.
Drums on Track 1 & 3 by Paul, artist, creator & eco-activist at Terravie, in Montcalm, QC, Canada.
Singing on Track 6 by a Torontonian yoga teacher.
Singing on Track 8 by Fadrice, camel rider at Ganesh Travels, in Jaisalmer, India.

Mixed and mastered at Avenue des Pâquerette, Liège, Belgium.

Covert art is part of L’Univers jeune, D. Hainaut, Paper collage A4, 2022.